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Geometry Dash Roulette is quite an interesting topic for seasoned players. Because it allows you to hone your skills in passing levels. If you have already tried this runner, then you already understand for sure that it is not as simple as it seems at first glance.

But returning to the topic, it is worth saying that this resource was created by FigmentBoy. And now closer to what this website is about. Here it is possible for you to choose the difficulty you prefer. After that time, you may receive challenges that it is necessary for you to pass. And there are one hundred of them.

Now you should just try to complete the challenge that was offered to you. But it is worth noting that you have only one attempt. Further, if you crash into something, then in this case you must indicate your progress on the website.

Next is the most interesting. Now you are offered the following level. But the bottom line is to get the next one, you have to get a better result than on the previous call. Thus, if you scored ten, for example, then at the new level you must have at least eleven in order to receive the title of the next challenge.

And in this way, each time you are able to receive new names until you collect a hundred percent. Therefore, at the end you will also have statistics. So, for example, how many locations did you need to get the coveted hundred in the end. And each of the percent has its own title.

Moreover, there may still be such a situation that you give up. Therefore, then you will also be given statistics on your attempts, and, moreover, it is also possible for you to see the rest, which could eventually try.

In general, in short, if you want to know how well it is possible for you to walk through such obstacle courses with a minimum number of attempts. Therefore, check yourself, and maybe even your friends!