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New rhythm game with improved graphics, interesting levels and unforgettable music! Geometry Dash 2023 is coming this year! Well, what great news! Both for fans and for ordinary people. Enjoy this masterpiece and find out more about it on social networks.

Avoid hitting obstacles. Win and get different bonuses in the form of skins and paints. You can change your appearance at any time. Awesome! There are also two modes, practice and main, so it will be easier for you to reach the end, knowing everything in advance.

Of course, since this is a fresh product, everything is going to be done at the highest level. It is unlikely that there may be any problems in it, and even if this is the case, the errors will be quickly corrected. So if something falls out for you, report it to the developers, and they should begin to deal with these troubles.

At the same time, do not forget that in the future, in addition to this, other projects are waiting for you. They may have even more functions and unusual mechanics. Therefore, follow the activities of the creators and try not to miss something interesting. It’s better to always be in the know, agree?

One way or another, you need to wait for the announcement. Perhaps it is going to have more features than the previous ones. However, be sure you should like the result. If you are already impatient to try it, then tell your friends about it too. Have them keep you company when it comes out. Then you can have fun together.